FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers | Perfect Diapers ...- bể cá mập fuzzibunz ,Re-introducing FuzziBunz ORIGINAL and tried and true Perfect Size Pocket Diapers! Simply snap on, take off, wash and repeat. Simple, Easy, Luxuriously soft and AFFORDABLE! Perfect diaper, perfect size, perfect price. Sizing: Extra Small: 0-3 Months (4-12 lbs) Small: 0-6 Months (7-18 lbs) Medium: 6-36 Months (15-30 lbs) Large: 24+ Months (28 ...Amazon.com : FuzziBunz One Size Diaper, Buttercream, 10-45 ...I have tried FuzziBunz, Oh Katy, bumGenius 4.0, and bumGenius Freetime. I wanted to try FuzziBunz because I liked the idea of the adjustable elastic for the rise. Adjusting the elastic wasn't too bad, but the snap adjustment in my other diapers was a lot easier, for not much difference in how it fit.

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