Sherpa® Original Deluxe Pet Carriers, Svart - vải tã sherpa ,Sherpa Bag är väskornas Rolls Royce! Kabinväskan är usprungligen designad av en flygvärdinna och Sherpa är det enda varumärket på transportväska som alla större flygbolag accepterar och rekommenderar vid flyg i kabinen! Kontrollera dock att måtten överensstämmer med ditt flygbolags maxmått, då Sherpa kommer i flera storlekar.Sherpas - Introduction, Location, Language, Folklore ...The Sherpas are a tribe of Tibetan origin who occupy the high valleys around the base of Mount Everest in northeastern Nepal. In the Tibetan language, Shar Pa means "people who live in the east," and over time this descriptive term has come to identify the Sherpa community. According to Sherpa tradition, the tribe migrated to Nepal from the Kham region of eastern Tibet over a thousand years ago.

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Sherpa, also called Sharwa, group of some 150,000 mountain-dwelling people of Nepal; Sikkim state, India; and Tibet (China); they are related to the Bhutia.Small groups of Sherpas also live in parts of North America, Australia, and Europe.Sherpas are of Tibetan culture and descent and speak a language called Sherpa, which is closely related to the form of Tibetan spoken in Tibet.

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