Libero IDE | Microsemi- tã libero cỡ 7 hoặc 8 ,Libero IDE v9.2 SP3 is an incremental service pack and should be installed over Libero IDE v9.2 or Libero IDE v9.2 SP2. 2. Libero IDE v9.2 SP3 users working on Windows 10 platform must install ModelSim ME v10.5c standalone software to simulate the design.LIBERO PDF Loggers - ELPROLIBERO CS Multi-level PDF Logger with internal NTC probe, single use, up to 8 temperature alarm zones, alarm on MKT and logging time Delivered in boxes of 40 pieces Connection: USB, generates PDF with alarm statistics and graph Expiry date according to label (auto-expiry)

Libero SoC v11.7 Archive | Microsemi

If your Libero SoC installation is the v11.7 production release, first update it to Libero SoC v11.7 SP1 or v11.7 SP1.1, and then apply the Libero SoC v11.7 SP2 service pack update. Libero SoC v11.7 SP2 software includes production timing and power data for RTG4 radiation-tolerant FPGA family, please refer to release notes for further information.

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